Cat Utility Grease


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Part Name : Cat Utility Grease

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Compatible Models

D3K/D4C/D4D/D4G/D4K/D5K/D5H/D5M/D5N/D5H/D6D/D6M/D6N/D6H/D6M/D6N/D6K/D6R//D7G/D7F/D7H/D7R/D8R/D8K/D8N/D9N/D9G/D9R/304E/305/306E2/307D/308D/312D2/313D/314D/315D/318D2/320B/320C/320D/320D2/320NGH/322BL/323D/325C/325D/326D2/329D/330B/330C/330D/336D/336D2/345D/349D/365C/374FL/390DL/390FL/416B/416D/416E/ 416F/428C/428E/428F/CS533E/CS533D/CS563C/CS533D/CB14B/CW34/CB7/AP655F/AP355F/AP655D/120H/120G/140H/ 140K/140G/14M3/16G/16M3/740B/773E/777D/773D/772G/740B/773B/935/938F/966C/966H/950F/950GC/980C/990H/992G

Typical Properties
Color Blue
Operating Temperature Range, ?C -20 to +140
Operating Temperature Range, ?F -4 to +284
Base Oil Type Mineral
ASTM D445 Base Oil Viscosity 40?C, mm?/s 220
Thickener Type Lithium Complex
ASTM D2265 Dropping point, ?C 260
ASTM D2266 4 Ball wear, scar diameter, mm 0.53
ASTM D2596 4 Ball weld load, kg 250
ASTM D1743 Rust prevention Pass
ASTM D4048 Copper corrosion 1B

The values shown are typical values and should not be used as quality control parameters to either accept or reject product.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.