FDAO 60/208LT


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Part Name : FDAO 60/208LT

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Typical Characteristics*
Viscosity Grade
SAE                                                                                               60
ISO                                                                                               320
Caterpillar Test                                                                        FD-1
Gravity, 16° C (60° F)
API (ASTM D287)                                                                    25.9
      Specific                                                                                  0.899
  Flash Point, °C (°F) (ASTM D92)                                             255 (491)
Pour Point, °C (°F) (ASTM D97)                                                 –15(5)
cSt @ 40° C (ASTM D445)                                                       334
      cSt @ 100° C (ASTM D445)                                                    25.2
  Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270)                                                 97
Brookfield Viscosity
      cP @ –10° C (ASTM D2983)                                                 75,000
  Copper Strip (ASTM D130, 2 hrs @ 100° C)                                  1A

* The values shown are typical values and should not be used as quality control parameters to either accept or reject product. Specifications are subject to change without notice.